All art arises from an embodied creative source within your own body and mind. Whether your art is to write, splash paint on a canvas, move your body, crunch numbers, or raise a family, your endeavors in life are elevated to a state of art when you act from a present and creative state of being. Join Micheline Berry to awaken the dharmic art within and ignite your creativity using the conceptual framework of Carl Jung’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ and a wide spectrum of expressive arts.

During this retreat, you can experience the following practices and creative process activities:
• Transformational Liquid Asana™ Vinyasa Yoga
• Buddhist Mindfulness Meditations
• Flights of evocative world music, percussion and ecstatic dance
• Creative Process Work: Tribal painting, ceramics, and art making drawing from Jungian principles of Active Imagination, Shadow work & The Hero’s Journey
• Hero’s Journey Creative Canvas Workbook
• Communion with the healing waters, fertile land, and indigenous spirit of Esalen

Sessions will be accompanied by Emmy®-nominated musician Joey Lugassy + Ensemble including singer/songwriter/guitarist Toddius Maximus, saxophonist/fine artist Domonic Dean Breaux, and percussionist Christo Pellani to sonically guide you deeper into the flow as you learn to source peak states of creativity through Micheline’s multi-disciplinary approach. The result? You can cultivate a deeply nourished, creatively inspired, and empowered state of being that will remain with you long after you return to your urban lives. Open to all levels of yoga, movement, and art experience.

Recommended reading: Richo, Shadow Dance: Liberating the Power and Creativity of Your Dark Side; Barron, Creators on Creating: Awakening and Cultivating the Imaginative Mind; Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Creativity.